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Dad Friend || 아빠친구

Dad Friend || 아빠친구

The lagoon, who died 10 years ago, has been living in a calm life in the hometown of the hometown of Seoul. My gums went to the dental clinic because of my age but it is not strange, but sometimes I get pain in my head as my toothache gets worse and worse. The lagoon is saggy with the idea that ‘now is getting old’. Fifty-fifth birthday is right. The only friend, Sasik, invites him to his home and prepares his birthday. My friend Se-hee, the daughter of a friend who has seen her for a long time. The lagoon feels the excitement in the mature state of her friend, Se-hee, who thought she was a child. On the other hand, Se-hee intends to approach his father’s friend, Seok-ho, in order to get money with his boyfriend. However, Sehee witnesses the betrayal of his boyfriend and the affair of his father who divorced his wife, but he wanders but has no place to go. In the meantime, Sehee is confused by the feeling of love in addition to the feeling of comfort to the lagoon that unconditionally trusts him. It is confusing that Seo Hee ‘s approach has developed into an emotion that he likes more and more. I feel sorry for her dead wife and for her friend, but I ignore her feelings …

Can the love of the lagoon and her friend Se-hee, who was sentenced to death, be achieved?

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