Regret! The heroine in “Home Alone” has died

Posted 2017/07/24 141 0

John Heard, a male in “Home Alone,” died at the age of 72 on July 21 last year. Recently.

The actor, known to many as the most famous American drama series in the 1990s, was awarded to John Heart Strong support for the movie. Although he has built a reputation before the “Home Alone”, his popularity is likely to double with capacity. Perfectly worthy manifestations. Unfortunately, the actor has gone away no longer on Friday.

Some of John Heard's set of "Home Alone"

Some of John Heard’s set of “Home Alone”

According to news reports, “Peter McAllister,” the body of the boy’s “Kevin” body, was found dead. In a hotel room by a hotel staff member in Palo Alto, California, USA. According to family sources.

Meanwhile, TMZ has said that police are investigating the cause of his death, Looks like it’s still dark now, but the police did not put any suspicions about any wrongdoing. John’s death triggered shock and regret by all of his colleagues and fans.