One Hollywood film cost $ 200 million a job?

Posted 2017/07/20 102 0

In Hollywood movies usually are not afraid to spend millions of dollars to shoot a film story. Some typical film cost more than $ 200 million.
That is why the interest in this sector have always wondered if the film capital expenditures such a team can earn one?
As usual for these revenue allocation is made to the status and role of those involved, including there are:
-Film director (Director) can get $ 4 million
-Executive producer (Executive Producers) can get $ 1 million
-Producers (Producers) can get $ 1 million
-You write stories (Writers) could receive more than $ 3 million
-You set the folder (Director of Photography) earned 9 cents
-Producers of Design (Production Designer) could get more than 7 thousand dollars
-You can edit the story (Editor) received more than 9 thousand dollars
-The protagonist (Lead Actor) could get to $ 12 million
-Set designer clothing (Custom Designer), more than 3 thousand dollars
-Author of the soundtrack of the story (Original Score), 8 thousand dollars
-As well as many other positions from each of the characters to various alternative chassis and other related parts.

And this is an example of some of the capital expenditures of $ 200 million:

1.Iron Man
1. Iron Man 3

2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

3. X-Men: Days of Future Past